Snow Plus – Special Package

$550.00 / month for 5 months

Let snow call you with the FrostyFlake Snow Plus Special Package!  From November 1st 2021 through April 30th, 2022 FrostyFlake will be on the watch.

A recurring monthly charge will begin at time of purchase for the 6-month package.

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  • Configurable Notification Threshold – Based on 10 minute increments, allows you to tell FrostyFlake how much of the weather (ie. Snow, Rain, etc.) we are watching for before we notify you.  An example, if FrostyFlake is monitoring for snow fall for 30 minutes, FrostyFlake will alert you if it sees snow for 30 consecutive minutes – or if it sees snow for 30 minutes during the day or night time windows.
  • Notification Images – (Where Available) – FrostyFlake will help you understand what is going on at your monitored locations by including pictures in your text notifications.  Allowing you to still look out your window, but giving you greater views around your locations through the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Locations – With almost 20,000 US locations available for monitoring, FrostyFlake can easily be in many places for you at once.  Allowing you to subscribe to multiple locations for greater accuracy and coverage.
  • Multiple Users – Alert more than just one person on your team by easily signing them up.  Providing you backup in the locations you’re monitoring.
  • No App Required – FrostyFlake is a text based service.  Making it easy to use and adopt.
  • Powered by the Cloud, to watch the clouds – FrostyFlake leverages industry leading cloud providers which improves security, performance, and reliability for your business.


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