FrostyFlake Growing Season Subscription

From: $210.00 / year

Let weather call you and save 15% with the FrostyFlake Growing Season Subscription to help during the spring, summer, and early fall!

From April 1st through September 30th, FrostyFlake makes watching the weather for landscapers, farmers, growers, and gardeners easy.  Our customizable alerting keeps you informed with current weather information and pictures (when available) to keep you and your team informed on the latest, no matter the forecast.


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  • Notification Images – (Where Available) – Get visual updates for greater awareness as part of the message for your locations.
  • Easily Improve Your Reach –  With nearly 20,000 US Locations to choose from, FrostyFlake easily improves your reach across your local, state, regional, or national service areas.  FrostyFlake’s automation can help you easily monitor many places at once, with no additional effort.
  • Configurable Notification Threshold – Based on 10 minute increments, allows you to adjust how much of the weather (ie. Snow, Rain, etc.) FrostyFlake sees before we notify you.  An example, if FrostyFlake is monitoring for snow fall for 30 minutes, FrostyFlake will alert you if it sees snow for 30 consecutive or intermittent minutes.
  • Monthly Report – Be better informed than your competition with FrostyFlake’s monthly operational report.  Giving you useful trends and information on when the weather has actually been occurring in your service areas.
  • Multiple Users – Alert more than just one person on your team by easily signing them up.  Providing you backup in the locations you’re monitoring.
  • No App Required – FrostyFlake is a text based service.  Making it easy to use and adopt.
  • Powered by the Cloud, to watch the clouds – FrostyFlake leverages industry leading cloud providers which improves security, performance, and reliability for your business.

FrostyFlake representatives will reach out to you via the phone number or email address you provided to determine the users you want notified.


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