Will FrostyFlake notify me too much?

FrostyFlake was designed with this in mind.  Here’s how notifications work:

  • FrostyFlake breaks the 24-hour day into two parts, day and night.  By default, night starts at 11PM (local time) and ends at 7AM (local time) each day.  Daytime runs from 7AM (local time) until 11PM (local time).
  • During these day and night windows FrostyFlake will notify once and only once.  All in an effort to be timely, while not being overly “noisey”.
  • Once the day or night window ends, FrostyFlake’s counter is reset and will be ready again to notify you.
  • Example:  Assume you are monitoring for snow with a threshold of 30 minutes.  If it starts snowing for 30 minutes at 11:30PM it will notify you and wait until 7AM to notify again.  Assume that it keeps snowing throughout the night and into the morning.  If after 7AM (start of day) it sees snow for 30 minutes, it will again notify you.

How does FrostyFlake notify?

FrostyFlake uses text messages to notify.  All text messages will come from (307) 227-4997.  You can add FrostyFlake into your contacts and set a custom ringtone to help you be more aware. 

Can FrostyFlake monitor more than just snow?

Absolutely!  Currently you can sign up to monitor for snow or rain.  Please contact us if you are interested in a different condition.

Do you measure snow depth?

No, FrostyFlake instead uses duration as it is snowing or raining.  Our reasoning behind this is that snow depth is hit-and-miss across your locations depending on wind, structures, etc.  Instead, duration has proven to be very accurate for our customers across the nation.

What if I have my own cameras?  Can FrostyFlake use those?

Depending on the camera manufacturer, it is possible.  Contact us for more information.

Can I have different locations assigned to different users to be notified?

Yes!  We’ll work with you to make sure your users are setup properly for the locations they are assigned to.